The Features of Thematic Essays

Writing a Thematic Essay Correctly

The word thematic comes from the theme. Thematic essays are written around a specific theme or subject. The essay is written to expound on it, giving as much information as possible about it. The essays usually emanate from a specific question given to a student to discuss. The question is based on a theme such as slavery, conflict, love, fear, and so on, in a book or film. Most thematic essays are written in the study of Language and Literature. The main features essay writer of a thematic essay are:

  • Introduction of the theme
  • Supporting Arguments
  • Conclusion

Introducing the Theme

In the introduction section, the theme to be discussed is first mentioned. It is explained and a brief description is given of its occurrence within the story or film. Its significance to the development of the story is also described. By the end of the introduction, the reader understands what it is and why it is vital. More importantly, he understands that the theme not only exists in the story, but has ramifications on actual everyday life.

Supporting Arguments

This is the main body of the essay. It can be divided into subtopics as is considered appropriate. Here the evidence is brought from the story or situation to explain the different instances when the theme is portrayed. It can be expressed directly or in figurative form. It is developed through the actions and thoughts of characters, and through their words in dialogue. Its effects on the characters and their actions are explained. The effect it has on those involved is also discussed. It is important to note that themes are not just topics that occur in stories. They have a direct impact on real-life situations. They are therefore discussed, not just as something that occurs in a work of art, but also as something that applies to the lives of real people. Conflict, for instance, can be the subject of a tragic play, but it is also a portrayal of actual conflicts that occur in the wider society. Its discussion gives insights on the causes, effects and possible solutions to conflicts in daily existence. The theme, therefore, transcends the story and blends into actual life.


Like in any other essay, the conclusion in a thematic essay summarizes what has been discussed in the body of the essay. It leads the reader to agree with the issues raised by the writer. Since a thematic essay is essentially a one-sided argument, the writer intends to persuade the reader to agree with his point of view on the occurrence of the theme and its importance. Consequently, the conclusion leads the reader to accept that it is a subject that exists and applies to the lives of people.