Is My Essay Italicized? Check This Out!

What is Italics in an Essay?

You might have a proper working knowledge of italics. If that is the case, then you might be looking forward to the relief of an italicized word or words. But as we all know, sometimes there’s no such relief, and we are left to wonder where is italics?

An essay is written in italics or without italics depending on where you stand on the issue. Indentation in a font can either give the sentence more weight or diminish it. While some professors are adamant on using italics in academic writing, others don’t find them essential. In which case, most will opt to bold the word or use underlining. Now, do you need more information on italics in essays? Read on to find that out!

Does Italics in an Essay Rewrite the Sentence?

Before you go through this article, you must understand that italics in your essay changes the sentence’s meaning and scope. As such, you must be careful about this if you don’t want to lose marks in your report. If you want to have your essay italicized, there are measures you can take to do that.

First, you’ll have to read the essay out loud to ensure you understand the message. Depending on the sentence’s content, depending on your own style of writing, or even your instructor’s instructions, you could also reread the sentences. Either way, this will tell you which word or words need italics or not.

Next, go through the source and check for variations or visual highlights. In this case, you should make sure that the fonts used are the same as in the article. There could be overstylized or understated words. Just ensure that they are in the correct font as recommended by your professor. Finally, go through every word that’s going to be italicized to ensure that you can double check its meaning.

What to do when your essay is italicized?

In case you can’t decipher the message in the essay, and you want to reread it out loud, you might be in dire need of assistance. Luckily enough, most essay services have a team that can assist you in such situations.

In such situations, you will hear the tutor say words to the effect of:

  1. Er, this isn’t italicized. Please run away from here.
  2. Where are you going? Please take a deep breath.
  3. Please stop it, this is a disgusting word.
  4. Oops, I meant quotations.

After you come out of the session, you’ll want to go through your paper and make sure that all the italicized words have been removed. Remember, this is important in giving your tutor a reason to believe that your essay is original.

Once you are sure that the message has been emphasized to be italicized, it becomes easy to determine how much. If your word covers less than five percent of the total text, then the sentence has no italics and should be changed to underlined. But if the word covers at least five percent of the total text, then you can use italics. Only in that case, will your teacher expect you to re-read your essay?